JURNAL : Penyuluhan Pengolahan Limbah Pertanian dan Sampah Rumah Tangga di Desa Demangan Kecamatan Sambi Kabupaten Boyolali

ABSTRACT : Having most of the society as farmers, domestic and agricultural waste becomes a problem in Demangan Vilage, Boyolali. On the other hand, the waste has an economic value when it is properly treated.

The organic waste is a source of cheap and available fertilizer, while the synthetic fertilizer is sometimes unavailable and the price is unreasonable. However, not every member of the community has awareness on managing domestic and agricultural waste appropriately. Therefore, it is very important to let people know about the importance and advantages of treating and managing waste in order to obtain a better environment and moreover generate side income for the neighbourhood. The first step carried out was giving a speech in the community gathering. The step will be followed by intensive supervising to perform a community waste management system. Another assistance needed is on system development and fund generation in order to keep the sustainability of the program.

Kata kunci: pengelolaan sampah, pemberdayaan masyarakat, kesadaran lingkungan, kompos

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