JURNAL: Isolasi Aglutinin dari Beberapa Jenis Rumput Laut di Pantai Utara Minahasa Sulawesi Utara

ABSTRACT : A study the isolation from seaweed in nothern coast of Minahasa had been conducted. The kinds of seaweed collected were Eucheuma sp., Gracillaria verrucossa. Jania sp., Turbinaria ornata, and Sargassu sp. After washing and freeze drying, seaweed samples were powdered. Each kind of powder (20 gram) was extracted with PBS and salting out with ammonium sulphate.

After analysis, the relative amount of each agglutinin solution extracted was measured. It was found that the amount of extract of agglutinin solution ranged from 3 to 7 ml. Hemagglutination test were carried out by using erythrocytes from donors of A, B, and O blood types at two incubation temperature 4 derajat celcius for 12 h and 25 derajat celcius for 2 h. The results show that from G. verrucosa has a strong hemaggglutination activity, followed by that from Eucheuma sp. The agglutination activity of T. ornata was only a half from Eucheuma sp., while other lay in between. All the agglutinins extracted were isolectin, and their hemagglutination ability was not effected by incubation temperature nor time. Distribution of the species is spesific, in the a certain site is dominated by a certain species. Environmental condition of the sampling site hardly determine their abudance. The exixtence of some species seems to be a affected the dry and was season.

Keyword : Isolasi aglutinin, rumput laut, Minahasa
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